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Concrete Your Way is an industry leading concrete flooring company that is expanding rapidly because of our exceptional quality service and countless satisfied customers.

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Concrete Your Way has only one goal - to give you the greatest service for the best price. The quality of our work is unmatched within the industry and our prices are unbeatable.

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We are passionate about the work that we do and our clients reap the rewards. We are grateful for all positive feedback we have received in our many years in the industry.

"Outstanding work from true professionals. I am beyond impressed by the quality of the work and how easy they made the entire process for me." John Goodman
"Amazing service, my floors have never looked better. I recommend Concrete Your Way to anyone looking to get their floors polished." Debbie Coriani


We take the time to answer all your most important questions.

Is concrete polishing suitable for any floor?

Virtually any concrete floor can be polished. The only exception would be floors that are saturated with oil or exposed to acids, where concrete polishing would not be the ideal solution.

Is polished concrete messy?

Not at all. When you polish your floors with a dry-grind process, a vacuum system is used in conjunction with the grinder to contain 98% of the airborne particulates. The remainder of the dust is easily swept up. It also does not have the odor that is present from some coatings, like epoxy, or glues used in some other flooring applications.

Is concrete polishing safe for the environment?

Concrete polishing is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available on the market. High in durability and low in environmental impact, concrete is the perfect flooring material for sustainable living.

How do I maintained my polished concrete floors?

Maintaining your polished concrete floors to keep them shining is very simple to do. Concrete Your Way will provide you with a maintence kit free of charge that you can use to easily maintain your floors and we will show you how to keep your floors at optimum shine.

How soon can I use the floor after it is polished?

Immediately. You can walk on the polished concrete surface even during the process of grinding and polishing. It's an entirely mechanical process so there is no need to wait for anything to settle. If a sealer has to be applied, then it will take no more than 30 minutes for your floors to be ready.

Is concrete polishing expensive?

Concrete polishing is a very cost effective flooring solution similar to timber, tiles, carpet, vinyl, pavers, stencil crete etc. The cost is determined by the state of your current concrete slab, the total size needing to be covered, and the depth of grinding necessary. Use the form above to a get a quick quote and see why concrete would be the ideal solution for you.

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We have extensive experience offering exceptional concrete flooring work to both commercial and residential clients.